Wings related text consumerism

Macklemore explained how the subject of the single as follows:

Wings related text consumerism

Text version Introduction Consumerism is one of the strongest forces affecting our lives in the modern world. In this booklet, we will explore the power of consumerism, how it manifests itself in our lives and the effects it has on us.

Advertising Every day, each of us is bombarded with around 1, commercial messages. This sounds like a massive number, but when you think about a typical day in your life it is quite possible. A typical day might feature the following activities — get up, read the paper featuring advertisementslisten to the radio advertisementscatch the bus to work advertisements on the bus and at the roadsidearrive at work advertisements on the internetgo home same advertisements as on the incoming journeywatch TV advertisements and go to bed.

Needless to say, this is exposure to a lot of advertisements! Over one third of the paper consists of advertisements! This does not include the full page specifically devoted to classified ads, an entire section sponsored by a company, the prominent product logos in the sports section or the other product placements that are included in many of the articles themselves.

We are exposed to advertising through a range of different sources. Some of them we may be aware of like the examples listed above but others may be less easy to spot, such as product placement in films.

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For example, a James Bond film might feature lead characters using mobile phones made Wings related text consumerism a particular manufacturer who has paid a handsome sum to make them do this.

As a result of this placement, sales of the product increased by sixty five per cent. Placement has now become so common that some films are being criticised for becoming little more than vehicles for a range of products.

Despite occasional criticism however, product placement remains widespread — in films, TV programmes, magazines and other media.

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So, commercial messages even affect how we are entertained. But it goes further than this. In other words, companies are attempting to recruit our friends and peers to sell us things — not simply influencing them to believe a product is desirable and telling us about it, but by actually paying people to use their status and relationships with others to flog their products to their peers.

This seems a rather cynical exploitation of human relationships and trust. This massive amount of advertising is now such a normal part of western society that most of us do not seem to realise just how pervasive it is in our lives. As you go through your day tomorrow, notice the number of adverts you see and the sources from which they appear, and you will discover just how much of your valuable time and brain space advertisers are forcing themselves into.

Although we may have stopped noticing just how much we are being bombarded by advertising, it is still affecting our decisions, our worldviews and our lives generally. We will consider just how much later in this booklet. Consumerism — beyond advertising Advertising is just the tip of the iceberg.

They could include the opinions of your friends, images from TV news programmes, advertisements on the internet and things you have learned from books or your education. Some of the major sources of inputs can be illustrated as follows: This is not an exhaustive list, but even if we only consider a selection of these we can see that many of them promote and support consumerism.

For example, newspapers and magazines do not just contain pages of advertisements but also stories about new gadgets, new clothes, property, makeovers, travel and many other things, all suggesting that having them will make life more fun and interesting, bring you greater freedom or bring some other positive change to your life.

They may not promote an item directly like an advertisement but many will help to create desires and needs in the reader — some relating to specific products like cars or clothes and others relating to particular ways of life that require further money and consumption. Our modern obsession with celebrities also means that newspapers and magazines publish stories about glamorous people we might aspire to copy, and much of this aspiration is to consume the same things as they do — from designer clothes to private jets.

Overarching all of this is a tendency in the mass media in the UK, at least to be unable or unwilling to question consumerism as an idea.

When this lack of critical thinking is accompanied by the promotion of consumerism that we have just been describing, this amounts to implicit support for it.

Moreover, in their coverage of issues where consumerism could well be a major cause e. So it is not just the advertising within newspapers and magazines or indeed other media — from radio to the internet that promotes consumerism, but also much of their actual content.

This content might not only consist of features that directly create needs and desires in people but it might also include those that deal with topics that are apparently unrelated to consumerism that somehow still manage to give support to its vision of the world.

Leisure activity is another source of mental inputs. One example of a leisure activity that supports consumerism is sport — perhaps most notably football.The song "Wings" is about the pursuit of identity through the means of consumerism.

The attempt is to dissect our infatuation and attachment to logos, labels, brands and the fleeting happiness that is intrinsically linked to the almighty power of the purchase. “Wings” explores the consumerism that Macklemore feels plagues not only the youth but everyone in American Society: The idea that your worth as a person is intrinsically linked to the monetary worth of the items you own and the reliance on materialistic items to fit in.

Wings related text COnsumerism. intrinsically linked to the almighty power of the purchase "This is the best day of my life". The subject he uses in the song is shoes, but its aim is to paint a broader picture of being a consumer and to trace back to Macklemore first memory of Retail infused Desire.

We live in a “binge-consuming” culture. Indeed, a certain compulsion to consume seems to characterize not only the way in which people relate to the object world of luxury goods, but also the way we relate to other people, institutions and society in general. In this sense, the term “binge”—usually associated with addictions—may be also useful in identifying our consuming culture.

Wings related text consumerism

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Guy Cook () argues that advertising is a discourse itself constituting the meaning of both the text (the ad itself) and the context in which people are responding to the. Text version. Introduction. Consumerism is one of the strongest forces affecting our lives in the modern world.

The term ‘consumerism’ does not simply refer to immediate factors in our daily lives such as the omnipresence of advertising, but anything connected to the overarching idea in our modern society that in order to be happier, better.

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